• KnowU Silicone Vagina Panty Crossdresser Transgender Private Parts Red Blood Skin Texture Inserted Urinary Pore Hip Panty

KnowU Silicone Vagina Panty Crossdresser Transgender Private Parts Red Blood Skin Texture Inserted Urinary Pore Hip Panty

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Silicone Panty Private Parts Real Skin Texture Urinary Tube crossdresser

if you are in USA  WE can ship from USA Stock .(1-3# color)  arrived you 2-4days in USA.

Brand: KnowU

Material: Medical silicone

Waist applied: 64-96cm (25-37in)


Waist: 64cm

Hip: 95cm

Thigh: 49cm

Total length: 34cm

For more detailed and uncovered pictures, please contact the seller.

If you are not sure about size, style or you have any questions about the products, please contact the seller, we’ll recommend the most suitable items for you.


1. Super-real skin

Realistic material, real production mold.

2. Fourth generation product

2. High elastic edge

Elaborate-processed waist edge and elastic material make it easily wore, and the skin can achieve seamless convergence.

3.  Urinary tube

All products are equipped with a urinary tube for men, which is simple and convenient.

4.  Emulational navel

Navel design, to the whole product to add fidelity, such as apricot-like rounded, slightly subsidence, a good combination with the skin.

5.  Design of leg circumference

Perfectly stretching from the waist, thin edge, makes it do not fall off.

6.  Thicker buttocks

Thick buttocks are natural and sexy, thick lines beautiful, to help you create a beautiful S curve, while reducing the hip pressure, showing the buttocks charm.

7.  Anus

Generally, we close the anus, if you need to open the hole, please contact the owner, otherwise we will make the anus without opening the hole.




Even the same color may display slightly different on different screens, wishing you could understand.


2.Stretching: can be stretched to 150%


2. Package

Plastic bag inside, cartoon box outside;

Private packaging, medium-sized box.

3. This item is suitable for Crossdresser (CD), Transgender (TG), Transvestite (TV), Drag-Queen (DQ).

4. If you choose to add hair, please contact us and pay another $30.

5. Silicone is very soft and easy-cleaned by hand-wash, please dry it in air at normal temperature.

6. Your order will be shipped to you via EMS or other express within 5 days once the payment is confirmed. Shipment usually costs 5-20 days, please wait patiently.

Usually we can ship to all over the world, please contact the owner for free.




Breast Measurement Chart: See item description,Feature: Soft like ,Intended for: Crossdresser(CD), Transgender(TG), Drag-Queen(DQ),Package: Privacy packaging,Waist circumference: 64cm,Thigh circumference: 49cm,Full length: 34cm,Hip circumference: 95cm
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